My Laptop Won’t …!

Turn On. Turn Off. Restart. Etc.

An un-illustrated guide.

This is a problem I hear of every now and then, usually at the worst time. Example:

Ring, ring… Ring, ring… “Hello?” “Steve? I was trying to print a report that is due in half an hour and my computer started acting weird. I remembered that you told me to restart my computer when strange things happen, but IT WON’T TURN OFF.”

So, most of my friends remember that the first thing you do when your computer (and this includes your tablets and phones, everyone) goes haywire is to restart it. But when they are on a laptop, this ugly little problem happens:

  1. They use the OS (Windows, MAC, Android, etc.) shutdown command and the screen goes dark. Sometimes the lights go out, sometimes not.
  2. They try to start up the computer.
  3. Nothing happens.

I don’t know WHY this happens. I have a general idea, but no specifics – but I DO have the solution. And it is very simple.

  1. Unplug the computer.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Let things rest for a bit. 15 seconds. 30 seconds. A minute. Whatever. Just wait…
  4. Install the battery.
  5. Start your computer.

Now, like I said, this works for computers – but don’t forget your tablet and phone are actual computers, this process works fine as long as your battery is removable.